Make Any Occasion Shine with Our Lighting

Living room style set up with over 100 props to choose from, from only £300. this includes 2 sofas, armchairs rugs table etc. Full list coming soon or visit the showroom in falkirk.

We no longer have a brown chesterfield like the pictures, only red, green and tan in various styles.

After august 2023 to prop list will be reduced to the most popular items. If you want to book or have booked for after this date please make sure you tell me what you need.

Package 1

50 points of £300 plus delivery. Pick items from the prop list

Package 2

Set list delivered to the venue for you to browse on site. One van and driver. Van Contents - valued on the price list at over £1000 but delivered to within the mileage limit for free for only £595

See the items in your venue and if it doesnt suit you just put it straight back in the van.
All items are items that have been out before and will go out again.

Package 3

Exclusive use package

Hire access to everything we have for one price. If you are first in the diary you can get 2 van loads for £1200. This includes our blossom trees (£300), MR & MRS (£200), all the sofas (£650) love heart arch (£200) and all 50 other items on the prop list. We have a box van which will hold 6 sofas and 4 chairs and a load of carpets etc. And our long wheel based van can hold 4 sofas and 4 chairs to give you an idea of size. Download the prop list and take a look. Come visit the showroom in Falkirk by appointment when it suits.

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1. Each item has its own rental price without delivery costs.

2. If you need multiple items we have £300 packages where you are given 50 points to spend on anything you wish. Delivery cost is £2.50 per mile (this includes collection)

3. You can purchase additional points for £100 for 10 more or if it works out in your favour we can work out a cash price instead of points

4. Each item has a points score on the list

5. Not everything we have is on the list which is why we have a showroom in Falkirk

6. Larger items should always be booked in advance as they are popular. Table top props come and go so if you want a specific item make sure we know in advance.

7. If you have purchased 50 points but have a few left at the end we will add items we think you and your guests would like to see and even play with.

8. Damage and mistreatment of items will result in a replacement charge but we understand wear and tear etc happens. Deliberate damage is obvious. We do not clean up vomit etc so unless it is cleaned when we collect, full replacement of that item will be required. This will require you to dispose of the item ie sofas from location. New complete list available from the showroom and to download soon